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Lean Six Sigma Problem Solving Simulation Workshop

Our 2 days Simulation workshop in Lean Sigma Problem Solving is designed to introduce you to the core principles of Lean and Six Sigma discipline, and to demonstrate how these methodologies can be implemented effectively to solve problems and improve business processes within your organization. The simulation based workshop especially tailored for financial & service industry .

We believe in learning by doing, our simulation provides a true scenario based learning environment.

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Benefits : 

A Structured Approach to Problem Solving

Lean Six Sigma methods are extremely effective to address and solve problems within your business sphere. It provides you with an effective, consistent process for resolving any current or potential issues that could impact your overall productivity and effectiveness of business processes. This will help you build a continuous improvement culture in your organization.

Eliminate Waste & Improve Processes

We strongly believe that excellence is all about building capability to see improvement opportunities. Lean helps you identify and eliminate waste from your day-to-day business processes. This helps you to streamline each process and identify areas for improvement and create more value for your customers.

Reduce Cost, Save Money

Removing wasteful activities across the operations will lower your costs, and improving processes will reduce mistakes and delays. This, in turn, will result in savings for your business.

Improve Profitability & Productivity

Appropriately applied, Lean Six Sigma methodologies serve to sustainably increase all round people, process, systems performance in turn improving both your organization's productivity and profitability.

Our Approach:  

  • Plenty of group activities; right mix of theory and hands-on
  • Scenario based simulation for experiential learning by doing; participants will learn by executing a business process modeled from an actual business process.


This is a simulation, not a role play. Each person will do what makes sense within the rules.

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